We will be holding a variety of Events in the United States this Summer.

for detailed information on location, date and time please email us and Please RSVP. Limited Spaces available.

If you would like to host an event in your home/center, please contact us.

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Inipi Sweatlodge Ceremony

August 17, 2019
Jefferson, MD

A ceremony of purification. This ceremony cleanses our bodies, minds and spirits so we can truly be reborn. The Sweatlodge is one of the most ancient ceremonies that has existed on this Earth. It has been practiced by indigenous communities of Mesoamerica for centuries. The Sweatlodge is the womb of Mother Earth and we go in there to pray and create new visions for ourselves, our life, and to truly be reborn into the highest vision that we have for ourselves. It shows us the blueprint of how the entire universe is designed, helping us align ourselves within our natural rhythms and go through life more fluidly.  Additionally, it helps us cleanse our physical bodies and gain a deeper awareness of ourselves and our relationship to Mother Earth. 

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Weekly Prayer/Instruction Circle with Tobacco

Every Tuesday Evening, 6pm.
Email us for further details

The sacred spirit of the Tobacco has been used for centuries by all ancient civilizations of the americas, to pray, open ceremonies and connect with the spirit of the heart of all things. As simple as this plant may seem, it is all powerful. Everything you pray for with tobacco, take is as fact. Everything will be better than before. Tobacco is also the spirit that helps us connect with our heart and blesses our words. It helps us to speak from the heart and in this way pull our the most ancient wisdom that inhabits within us.
In these circles, we gather to pray and receive. We come together and receive the blessings of Grandfather Tobacco, as well as receive instruction for our life, on how to live more harmoniously and joyfully.

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This sweat lodge is within a different alignment than the Inipi Sweatlodge. It is longer (5-7 hours total); we drink traditional plants from the indigenous peoples of North & South America (please call for specific information on which plants) and connect profoundly with the earth and her sacred plant medicines that teach us. This altar embraces all the medicines. Once the medicines are aligned inside, they become one spirit that comes to heal and to aid the purpose. Between each round there is a prayer with tobacco and instruction for life given. It is truly a celebration of all life and a rebirth of ourselves. 

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Green Scene

We will be participating at Green Scene & sharing with you ancient ceremonies and learning more about permaculture, plants, mushrooms, and how to inhabit more harmoniously on this Mother Earth!

This is a private event, however, if you are interested contact us.


We will be updating this page frequently with upcoming events.
In the mean time, here are a list of places we will be visiting.
Email us for further details.

August 2019, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland areas

Memories that are forever in our hearts….

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