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“As you can see right now I’m glowing, I feel absolutely radiant, I feel fantastic, seriously fantastic. I feel very alive in this moment. And the interesting thing is that it’s about 1:15pm right now, I haven’t had any food since dinner last night at 7pm, I haven’t had any sleep, I haven’t had any electrolytes, I did have 2 cups of coffee this morning, and also during the ceremony last night I vomited quite a few times and also had multiple bowel movements. That sounds like a lot, that sounds pretty nuts and crazy. And the thing is that back home if I were to tell a doctor these symptoms or these experiences: lack of sleep, no food, vomiting, diarrhea, trauma, etc, you’d think that I was in a horrible place, dead or dying… and I feel amazing. This medicine is inexplicable and transformative, and it doesn’t necessarily make sense, but the truth is in the pudding. I don’t know how to explain or articulate the experience but it is absolutely positive. 

What’s interesting is that as more and more time passes I’m expecting to hit the wall or feel tired or exhausted and just conk out and take a nap, and that hasn’t happened. I think its because I received a massive dose of love! I received a massive massive massive dose of love last night, my heart just opened wide and that is a very powerful energy. It’s like I’m running on nuclear power right now. It’s flowing within me and it’s hard to articulate or comprehend the experience but it is real and I am experiencing it. 

There is a reason why I brought my mom here. I want to share this with the people closest to me in my life, and I actively push it upon people that I love and am close with, so 10/10 would recommend, this is my 2nd time coming back and I will be back here again…peace, love and light.”