Marissa Roche-

"From the moment that I arrived in Colombia and met with Patricia, Laura and Alex, I felt completely loved and cared for in everyway. I didn’t have to make any decisions or worry about anything the entire time.

Viento Solar Retreat Center was absolutely beautiful. The location right by the ocean, hearing the waves at night and the love that was put into the food- everything that was prepared for us was just delicious. There was nothing that we needed to worry about; we could just focus completely on our own healing journey, which is what we were there to do.

In the presence of Taita Tulio, the shaman, I felt completely seen and loved, as if I was just okay as I was without needing to do any healing, but also like I had the strength to take on the healing that I came here to take on. I felt completely transformed in my experience with him.

In drinking the medicine with Taita Tulio, in his presence, I felt completely safe, even though at times I was scared, anything that came up in me was okay to share, to express, it was all okay. I felt just truly honored and humbled by his presence, I’ve never met anyone like him in the U.S., the embodiment of a tribal, powerful, loving, grandfatherly figure, it really blew me away, and it felt like his power and knowledge surpassed anything I have ever experienced. When I went to him for special attention and special prayers, he was so happy to do it. I went to him with my partner and we asked for a special healing for our relationship. He spent so much time with us; lovingly caring for us and I just felt his sincerity, how badly he wanted for us also to be healed and to be blessed in our life and our love.

This retreat was completely transformative for me. I know my life will be changed going forward. I have let go of so much fear and self-limitation that I wasn’t even aware of. I can’t wait to share this with others. I strongly recommend this retreat to many people that I know, love and care about their healing, and really to anyone who is ready to turn towards them selves and really do the work, if you have the courage, or even if you don’t, I think you’ll find it in this retreat. I truly hope that you come."