Lolly Berger- Yoga Therapist, Clinical Social Worker and Holistic Healing for Relationships and Trauma

I feel completely refreshed in mind, body and spirit. Floating in the ocean, being reborn in the sweatlodge/Inipi and the ceremony is amazing; it is different every time. I am always learning so much and really honor this opportunity to be here. The people are so heart-centered, the vibration is really bringing us into a family. I am learning so much about myself, about what has been holding me back from things I want to accomplish, relationships in my life and how they resonate with me. I have been teaching yoga and doing sound healing as well, which I love doing and it is really bringing the group together and helping us ground, relax and be in touch with our bodies. Its really beautiful to see everyone’s process, everyone is a reflection of each other here, I am really grateful”