Kathleen Hanagan- Psychotherapist

“I came here for my own healing. I have been a psychotherapist for 30 years and have done a lot of inner work. I have gone to other retreats where I have done Plant Medicine, but there has been a depth of healing for me here like no other. I think not only is it this place, the people who are leading this retreat and also the use of the Inipi lodge, the sweating out of our prayers and the integration that takes place after the medicine. Doing the sweating in the lodge and the praying together has taken me to a place of peace, clarity and inner cleansing that I have never achieved before. It’s beyond words really and I am trying to put into words my gratitude for these people who honor the earth, honor the medicine and honor all of us like no other. I can’t say enough about this retreat. I recommend it for anyone at all. Thank you.”