Bill Pfeiffer- Author of Wild Earth, Wild Soul- A Manual for Ecstatic Culture

“I am a shamanic guide spiritual coach and the author of the book called “Wild Earth, Wild Soul- A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture”, so as you would expect I am very into remembering  ancient culture and bringing it into the 21st century in a good way. I have experienced almost 10 days here at Viento Solar and it’s been truly life changing. I don’t say that with any exaggeration. The combination of the Yage and the Inipi ceremonies is incredible medicine. I was extremely impressed by how the ceremonies were put together with such integrity and knowledge. This is not spiritual tourism; this is a deep dive into higher consciousness. And the upshot is that you fall in love with the group, you fall in love with life and you are in paradise ( inside and out). So I feel very fortunate and I know this is actually going to make my work better. I am more fully myself, feeling more powerful, more connected, and it’s been a really incredible experience. It’s just the best.”