Richard -

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“This is actually my fifth (Ancestral Knowledge) retreat that I’ve done. It is a deep dive into the soul. It is a connection with Spirit. It is a healing journey, it is so incredible that it is difficult to describe…but I know that, it is one of those things that all of us want to love in our lives, and to feel the love of the other participants, to feel the love of the medicine, to feel the love of the facilitators as you go through this journey, is a profound and incredible experience. The healing that you will derive from it is both immediate and over time. So, drop everything and come to a retreat.”



Hi my name is Lolly Bee, 

I’m here at the Ancestral Knowledge retreat. I also came here 3 years ago- to this retreat. I knew I wanted to come back because I was in a stuck place in my life, I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go…I was carrying around some sorrow, heaviness and trauma, which was blocking my ability to move forward in my life. So I knew I needed a reset, like when you restart your computer, I just needed to restart myself (laughs). And I can definitely tell you that today, thursday of this week-long retreat: I am reborn. 

It’s been one of the most challenging weeks. To get to this side of the journey I’m very grateful because it’s been very difficult, it’s been uncomfortable, it’s required a lot of willingness to go into myself. To go into the exact places that I learned to avoid. To look at the different unhealthy coping mechanisms that I had developed inside of myself…and this experience, this medicine just invites you, it turns the light on…let’s see what’s really here, what’s going on. 

I feel that I got everything that I was praying for. I had certain intentions, certain topics and themes that I wanted to work on, certain blockages I wanted to release, patterns I wanted to heal. And 4 nights of medicine, the Inipi (Sweatlodge) & the container…I am here now. 

I really can tell you that there is nothing like it…there’s nothing….I’m a therapist by training, I’ve gone to therapy, I’ve done many different trainings and healings…and there is no comparison. 

If you are ready and willing to do the work. You can’t come here and expect it’s going to be sunshine and rainbows. 

The true work of healing requires a lot of humbling yourself, surrendering, sitting with discomfort, sitting with painful emotions, sad emotions…knowing that by going into the pain for a short amount of time that it stops affecting your life in many other ways throughout the years. So, it’s not for the faint of heart, but if you really feel that you are not where you could be, like you’re not living to your potential, this medicine, these teachings will jump start you, just catapult you ahead in your journey. 

It’s such a beautiful container, wonderful people, amazing land, and I just am so grateful that I made this choice to come here. 


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“The Ancestral Knowledge Retreat was really a profound experience. I’m very thankful that I came here. The most surprising part about it was that a lot of people think that Ayahuasca is some kind of psychedelic experience; and here in this retreat and the whole structure, how it’s built, is really about medicine. It’s a plant medicine and in combination with the Inipi sweat lodge and everything that they do: the teaching, the explanations, the background stories how this can change your life…and by the end of the week you really feel it inside of you how it changes your life. So I would recommend it to anyone to do that. Thank you for everything. I will definitely be back.” 



“Spending this week at Ancestral Knowledge Retreat has been such a profound experience for me. Just dealing with the struggles of the world, there’s so much stress that can pile up, and when I came here I felt lost, I felt cold, I felt lonely, and I just really didn’t know how to accomplish the important work that I wanted to get done, I didn’t feel up to the challenge. And the staff here, the family here, has just been such an incredible beacon for me, just leading me to the light. There’s so much love, so much trust and hope, and genuine concern and compassion. It was a great reminder that we are all connected, we are all family and there is love for us all whether we see it or not. Being able to come back to that has been such a gift and I’m so thankful that I was able to be here and work with everyone and meet everyone and just see that the struggles that I’m facing are so normal and its a common thread. Working wit the Yage and the Inipi ceremonies really did replenish me, it rejuvenated me in a way that I never experienced before. Now, I feel that power and that strength that I’ve been praying for and I’m just so ready to share it with the rest of the world.”



“The experience was not anything I expected and everything more than I expected. It was hard sometimes. There were some times where I thought I wasn’t going to make it through the week. But Laura, Alex, the Taita and everybody was so loving and supportive. It was like coming up to your edge and then going on the other side. It was really amazing. I think I learned a lot about myself… I grew a lot this week.
The thing I want to say the most of all is that you’re surrounded with love ….and there’s lots of love here; and that really gets you through everything. It has you learn a lot about yourself and about how you move through the world and how you want to move through the world. It was remarkable. I’m really glad I did it. I’m grateful to everybody that made it happen.”


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“It was just perfect…and I’m not saying that because you’re recording me; Truly, it was just perfect. You guys really know what you’re doing, and you do it with so much love and patience…it’s just so natural. Deeply appreciated. I definitely recommend this retreat to anyone who is new to the medicine or who has been working with the medicine for a long time, just absolutely anyone. You will be welcomed, you will receive what you’re looking for and then some, and you’ll be doing it in the most beautiful place you could ever imagine. “


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"I highly recommend this retreat, if you’re looking at any way to experience the medicine, this is the way, in the container of love, in the container of security and nurturance. with a tradition that is extremely powerful. With a knowledge that goes back generations and generations. It's a powerful experience in a place that respects the power of the medicine and its ability to heal. "


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“My name is Rich and I'm so excited to share with you about the Ancestral Knowledge Retreat that I just finished. I have to say that not only was it nourishing for my soul, but that there was so much space held by all the participants and by all the staff that it was just an incredible experience to be able to be held that way and to feel the love of the medicine and the love of community all at the same time. I would recommend it for anyone."


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"Everything about this retreat is life-changing. I imagine its even life changing for those who don’t even think its life changing. It runs so deep within the Earth, within your body, within your blood, that it will change every particle of your being. If you feel any sort of call or tug or pull, please follow it. Please reach out to the team of Ancestral Knowledge Retreat. "


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“For me, I can’t imagine an Ayahuasca retreat to be better than this. Totally fully integrated, whether it is the nature walks, the yoga, cupping (Chinese Medicine), we had a day where we got to do a mud bath together... it was supportive, loving, they made a lot of us feel a lot more comfortable. It is quite a challenging work, it's serious work; its not a typical play-time retreat. This is about growth and transformation."


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“Today I feel that it is my spiritual birthday, where my heart, my mind and my spirt have connected, led by Spirit. I had an amazing experience last night. All my questions were answered, and more. It was beautiful, it was life changing forever. I feel tranquil and it’s a feeling I have not had… ever, that I can remember really. And the answer I realized was within me, it was not coming from outside, it was inside me, and I just was able, through the medicine and the community, to reach my higher self and find the answers that I'd always been looking for. " 


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“I’m really, really glad that I came. I thought that I would probably get good things, but I didn’t think that I would get exactly what I wanted. I knew what I wanted and needed. I’d been very sick and I needed spiritual help to get past it. I thought “Oh, it will be good, but no one could give me what I need to get better” but it happened. So that was amazing, and it’s not that all the work is done, I got a lot of homework from the Medicine, the rets of it is on me, I have to do it, but honestly, after doing the ceremony I realized that if I hadn’t done this I would be screwed, and I didn’t know that until after I did it. So I’m really glad I came” 


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“As you can see right now I’m glowing, I feel absolutely radiant, I feel fantastic, seriously fantastic. I feel very alive in this moment. And the interesting thing is that it’s about 1:15pm right now, I haven’t had any food since dinner last night at 7pm, I haven’t had any sleep, I haven’t had any electrolytes, I did have 2 cups of coffee this morning, and also during the ceremony last night I vomited quite a few times and also had multiple bowel movements. That sounds like a lot, that sounds pretty nuts and crazy. And the thing is that back home if I were to tell a doctor these symptoms or these experiences: lack of sleep, no food, vomiting, diarrhea, trauma, etc, you’d think that I was in a horrible place, dead or dying… and I feel amazing. This medicine is inexplicable and transformative, and it doesn’t necessarily make sense, but the truth is in the pudding. I don’t know how to explain or articulate the experience but it is absolutely positive. 

What’s interesting is that as more and more time passes I’m expecting to hit the wall or feel tired or exhausted and just conk out and take a nap, and that hasn’t happened. I think its because I received a massive dose of love! I received a massive massive massive dose of love last night, my heart just opened wide and that is a very powerful energy. It’s like I’m running on nuclear power right now. It’s flowing within me and it’s hard to articulate or comprehend the experience but it is real and I am experiencing it. 

There is a reason why I brought my mom here. I want to share this with the people closest to me in my life, and I actively push it upon people that I love and am close with, so 10/10 would recommend, this is my 2nd time coming back and I will be back here again…peace, love and light.” 

Marissa Roche-

"From the moment that I arrived in Colombia and met with Patricia, Laura and Alex, I felt completely loved and cared for in everyway. I didn’t have to make any decisions or worry about anything the entire time.

Viento Solar Retreat Center was absolutely beautiful. The location right by the ocean, hearing the waves at night and the love that was put into the food- everything that was prepared for us was just delicious. There was nothing that we needed to worry about; we could just focus completely on our own healing journey, which is what we were there to do.

In the presence of Taita Tulio, the shaman, I felt completely seen and loved, as if I was just okay as I was without needing to do any healing, but also like I had the strength to take on the healing that I came here to take on. I felt completely transformed in my experience with him.

In drinking the medicine with Taita Tulio, in his presence, I felt completely safe, even though at times I was scared, anything that came up in me was okay to share, to express, it was all okay. I felt just truly honored and humbled by his presence, I’ve never met anyone like him in the U.S., the embodiment of a tribal, powerful, loving, grandfatherly figure, it really blew me away, and it felt like his power and knowledge surpassed anything I have ever experienced. When I went to him for special attention and special prayers, he was so happy to do it. I went to him with my partner and we asked for a special healing for our relationship. He spent so much time with us; lovingly caring for us and I just felt his sincerity, how badly he wanted for us also to be healed and to be blessed in our life and our love.

This retreat was completely transformative for me. I know my life will be changed going forward. I have let go of so much fear and self-limitation that I wasn’t even aware of. I can’t wait to share this with others. I strongly recommend this retreat to many people that I know, love and care about their healing, and really to anyone who is ready to turn towards them selves and really do the work, if you have the courage, or even if you don’t, I think you’ll find it in this retreat. I truly hope that you come."

Jose Barros-

"This was the best thing I could ever do. I did it last year and it was incredible, really a big experience. This year was even better. This time I could understand myself better. I will repeat this as many times as I can. But with the experience I have already had, I am plenty satisfied. I think everybody should do something like this because it’s really the best thing anybody could do. I leave this place much more conscious of everything. I am very happy to be here again."

Alex Mintz-

"This experience was a lightning bolt for me - bringing me to my center, ruthlessly and beautifully. The amount of intention and positive energy this group fosters is something I've never seen before. This medicine can be scary, but it is rewarding in the deepest sense of the word. More than once I was terrified, but there was always someone with so much experience and appreciation there to help me through as they will do for you if you choose to follow in these footsteps. The Shaman, Taita Tulio, is the real deal. He moves and speaks with timeless force of the jungles where his tribe, the Cofan, have been practicing healing Yage ceremonies for thousands of years. If you have any interest in taking this journey right now, or even in the future, do it with these amazing individuals."

Bryan Nupp-

"Viento solar is one of the most beautiful places I have been in my whole life. I’ve been here for almost 10 days and in this experience I’ve been able to drink Yage, sacred medicine from the jungle, with Taita Tulio, who is a really incredible man. My experience with the medicine, the Inipi sweatlodge, and other ceremonies we’ve done here have been absolutely incredible.

If you have the opportunity or if there is anything in your heart that calls you to be here, have no reservations, have no excuses and make this happen. It is a really beautiful experience for yourself and I feel that through the changes and transformations that have happened for me while I’ve been here, in turn ill be able to share these things with the people I love back home.

The accommodations, the food is incredible, everything is made here, fresh, organic. Everything is really amazing. Words really don’t do it justice.

These types of experiences are absolutely important to recharge, reconnect with our heart’s purpose and I would absolutely do something like this again. Again if there is anything in your heart that is interested or curious about something like this, then just do it. You will not regret it."

Bill Pfeiffer- Author of Wild Earth, Wild Soul- A Manual for Ecstatic Culture

“I am a shamanic guide spiritual coach and the author of the book called “Wild Earth, Wild Soul- A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture”, so as you would expect I am very into remembering  ancient culture and bringing it into the 21st century in a good way. I have experienced almost 10 days here at Viento Solar and it’s been truly life changing. I don’t say that with any exaggeration. The combination of the Yage and the Inipi ceremonies is incredible medicine. I was extremely impressed by how the ceremonies were put together with such integrity and knowledge. This is not spiritual tourism; this is a deep dive into higher consciousness. And the upshot is that you fall in love with the group, you fall in love with life and you are in paradise ( inside and out). So I feel very fortunate and I know this is actually going to make my work better. I am more fully myself, feeling more powerful, more connected, and it’s been a really incredible experience. It’s just the best.” 

Lolly Berger- Yoga Therapist, Clinical Social Worker and Holistic Healing for Relationships and Trauma

I feel completely refreshed in mind, body and spirit. Floating in the ocean, being reborn in the sweatlodge/Inipi and the ceremony is amazing; it is different every time. I am always learning so much and really honor this opportunity to be here. The people are so heart-centered, the vibration is really bringing us into a family. I am learning so much about myself, about what has been holding me back from things I want to accomplish, relationships in my life and how they resonate with me. I have been teaching yoga and doing sound healing as well, which I love doing and it is really bringing the group together and helping us ground, relax and be in touch with our bodies. Its really beautiful to see everyone’s process, everyone is a reflection of each other here, I am really grateful” 

Kathleen Hanagan- Psychotherapist

“I came here for my own healing. I have been a psychotherapist for 30 years and have done a lot of inner work. I have gone to other retreats where I have done Plant Medicine, but there has been a depth of healing for me here like no other. I think not only is it this place, the people who are leading this retreat and also the use of the Inipi lodge, the sweating out of our prayers and the integration that takes place after the medicine. Doing the sweating in the lodge and the praying together has taken me to a place of peace, clarity and inner cleansing that I have never achieved before. It’s beyond words really and I am trying to put into words my gratitude for these people who honor the earth, honor the medicine and honor all of us like no other. I can’t say enough about this retreat. I recommend it for anyone at all. Thank you.”