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“What I feel to share is that the Ancestral Knowledge Retreat is all about love. It’s opportunity to truly be immersed in this vibration and to really learn about prayer and the power of prayer. I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity. I feel a lot of love and blessing for the people who were instrumental in allowing it to manifest so beautifully”

“This is actually my fifth (Ancestral Knowledge) retreat that I’ve done. It is a deep dive into the soul. It is a connection with Spirit. It is a healing journey, it is so incredible that it is difficult to describe…” Continue Reading

“I’m here at the Ancestral Knowledge retreat, I also came here 3 years ago. I knew I wanted to come back because I was in a stuck place in my life, I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go…I was carrying around some sorrow, heaviness and trauma….” Continue Reading

“The Ancestral Knowledge Retreat was really a profound experience. I’m very thankful that I came here. The most surprising part about it was that a lot of people think that Ayahuasca is some kind of psychedelic experience…” Continue Reading

“Spending this week at Ancestral Knowledge Retreat has been such a profound experience for me. Just dealing with the struggles of the world, there’s so much stress that can pile up and when I came here I felt lost, I felt cold, I felt lonely…” Continue Reading

“The experience was not anything I expected and everything more than I expected….” Continue Reading

“It was just perfect…and I’m not saying that because you’re recording me. Truly it was just perfect.” Continue Reading

"I highly recommend this retreat, if you’re looking at any way to experience the medicine, this is the way, in the container of love…” Continue reading

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“I have to say that not only was it nourishing for my soul, but that there was so much space held by all the participants and by all the staff that it was just an incredible experience” Continue Reading

"Everything about this retreat is life-changing. I imagine its even life changing for those who don’t even think its life changing…” Continue Reading

“For me, I can’t imagine an Ayahuasca retreat to be better than this….” Continue Reading

“Today I feel that it is my spiritual birthday, where my heart, my mind and my spirt have connected, led by Spirit…” Continue Reading

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“I’m really, really glad that I came. I thought that I would probably get good things, but I didn’t think that I would get exactly what I wanted…” Continue Reading

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“As you can see right now I’m glowing, I feel absolutely radiant, I feel fantastic, seriously fantastic. I feel very alive in this moment….” Continue Reading