1. Our retreat has a series activities and ceremonies that are planned in advance. However, the activities and frequency of them may change according to what is going with the group and what is at the best service for everyone at the moment.

  2. If in the course of the retreat a particular situation arrises with a participant that may jeopardize or put at risk the integrity and safety of the participant and/or the integrity of the group & retreat, we will follow specific actions to ensure that the balance and safety is kept at a priority. This may require decisions such as: determining that a participant is not allowed to participate in specific ceremonies or may even be asked to finalize the retreat early with given support provided in order to do so with safety and in the most harmonious way possible.

  3. In the case of unexpected events that may change the course of the retreat, a plan will be made to come up with a possibility for common harmony and wellbeing of all.

  4. Once the retreat has begun, no refunds can or will be made.

  5. If a participant has lied about their conditions and their current health at a physical, mental and emotional level, the participant may be asked to leave the retreat and no refund will be issued for them.

  6. A participant cannot sign up for the retreat on behalf of another person. The person coming to the retreat must contact us directly and go through the screening process in order to assist this retreat.

  7. If a participant decides to leave the retreat at any moment, we will support that decision and help coordinate as much as we can, transportation and any other logistics that are involved in the process of getting this participant back home or to where they want to go. No refunds can or will be made. After a participant leaves the retreat, the retreat staff is no longer responsible for this participant, although they will stay attentive and be at service in the best way that they can.