Ancestral Knowledge Scholarship Fund! 

It is our deepest desire that all people who truly feel called to have this experience in their life have the opportunity to do so. We are excited to announce this new possibility to fund people who do not have the financial ability to pay for this retreat. Find out more below. 

In 2011, I participated in a retreat very similar to this one. It completely changed my life for the better. Ever since then I have learned the true power of Plant Medicine and Ancestral Knowledge and have dedicated my life to help people have access to it.
— Patricia Cortes, AKR Organizer
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How it works:

We have created a special fund where we receive money to aid those with financial difficulties who want to attend this retreat. All money in this fund goes 100% to these people who could not otherwise have this experience. 

Participants can apply for a full or partial scholarship and based on your needs we will support you as much as we are able. 

This scholarship fund is supported through generous donations from:

1) People who have attended this retreat and have experienced the impact it has had on their life and want to help others to have this opportunity. 

2) People who have not attended this retreat but have experienced and known the immense power of Plant Medicine as well as other Ancestral Altars and want to help others to have access to them. 

3) People who feel a call in their heart to donate and help others on their path to healing and well-being. 


To Receive information on how to apply for scholarship Please complete the form below:

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