Ep 8. - Overcoming Substance Abuse: A Personal Testimony with Spencer Brothers

In this episode, we hear a personal testimony from Spencer, who has experienced firsthand the very difficult aspects of substance abuse, mainly with alcohol, and how he was able to change his life & find purpose. He describes his journey with getting sober and the effects it has had in his life, how he has been able to maintain sobriety to this day, which is 8 years after he initially took true action towards getting sober.

He shares with us how he has been able to fill the void in his life that he had tried to fill with alcohol in the past, through the service of others and a connection with a higher power. He tells us that honestly & humility are indispensable keys to getting sober, and some of the greatest gifts that this experience will leave you with. Lastly, He talks about his relationship with God, how he nourishes it and what it means to him. This is a very inspiring story and we hope it serves you.