4. A New Age for Rebirth

In this episode we talk about the shift that occurred in 2012, which many people thought would be the end of the world, it was actually the end of an era. Now we are waking up as a human species and the time for the heart has come. The ancient memory that was asleep in our heart begins to wake up. The ancient Knowledge of the wisest civilizations of the Earth is coming out into the world to help us all. Mother Earth has brought out her powerful plant medicines. The time of the heart is here, and in this episode you will discover how to align yourself with this new era and become a witness of the presence of the creator in your life and everything that exists. There is an expansion of consciousness. Limits fade away. We become love experiencing itself through our senses. We are the absolute possibility of healing, good will and well-being. That is the new time. The rebirth.  It is the time of the heart. 

3. The Ego, A Path to Humility

In this episode we recognize the ego as a sacred experience that leads us to the supreme gift of humility. We talk about recognizing the gift behind all the difficult experiences of our life. This is a time to be at peace with our story. To awaken our consciousness. And to recognize that everything is very sacred. This is the time to change our relationship with everything that happens to us. In this episode you will discover a new way to relate to your life experiences and in this way you will be able to claim the gift behind them. And you will be able to help others in the process. 

2. What Does it Mean to Follow Your Heart?

In this episode we talk about what it really means to follow your heart and how your life will change when you begin to do it. We talk about how you can LEARN to do this and how you can tell if you are on the right path. You will discover practices you can do to align yourself with your essence. You may be surprised at some of the things you will hear, how you will feel and the rippling effects that this practice has in your life. And most importantly you will discover what you can do to not be distracted by the ego and how to live this purpose as a great adventure. 

This episode closes with a true story of how Alex learned what it meant to follow his heart after he made a call to the universe for Spirit to manifest itself in his life. He discovered a language of spirit speaking to him and began to pay attention to it and to give himself to this power. He encourages everyone to make a humble and sincere call to the universe for spirit to manifest itself in your life and so you can become witness to this power in a direct manner. 

1. An Experience of Love

In this episode we talk about the natural design of the universe and how we can harmonize ourselves with it. We speak about the origin of God which is actually Love and how this love unites everything that exists. We speak about the difference between the mind and the heart. You will learn how to identify with certainty if a thought is coming from your heart. And you will understand the difference between the ego and the heart and how you can consciously align yourself with what you want, to make the finest usage of your personal energy.