Integrating the Teachings: 

Attending Ancestral Knowledge Retreat is like planting a seed that will forever change your life.
At AKR, we believe that the work that comes after taking the medicine is just as important as the experience with the medicine itself.

We are committed to helping you make your retreat experience a lasting one in your life for true evolution and self realization.
We are certain that doing so as a community, with sincere love and care, makes the process easier and more enjoyable. 


After assisting AKR you officially become part of the AKR family and will have a variety of tools on hand to help you integrate your experience and return to daily life with more clarity and wellbeing. 

After retreat you will:

  • Be able to participate in bi-weekly check in teleconference calls with your retreat group and leaders for 3 months after the retreat

  • Have access to our private Facebook group and email conversations

  • Join in with other members of your local community who have attended AKR for gatherings, prayer and fun.

  • Receive information of a variety of similar events you can attend to keep yourself in the heart vibration and alignment with your higher self.

  • You are now a part of a family, who sincerely cares for each other, prays for each other and confides in each other. You no longer have to carry your loads alone.


"We were connected in a way that I’m sure I’ve never experienced with that many people at one time. It was really beautiful and the memories and discussions and faces will stay with me forever."

I will always carry that memory with me, the place, the people, the energy and know it can never be recreated nor should it. But, it's with me...I remember it, treasure it. Other moments will surely come along."