Private Couple's Retreats

The Ancestral Knowledge Retreat team is made up of a FAMILY.
We know very well the hardships and challenges that can present themselves to us in our closest relationships, especially in a romantic partnership. We have also been witness to the miracles that occur when we open our heart and receive the immense healing and understanding that comes when we take the Plant Medicine.

To us, the most important part of this work and doing what we do is to help us in what really matters in our life.
This Medicine is more than just seeing "visions" and feeling "so much love". It is about going deep within ourselves and seeing clearly what we can do to create a more harmonious life for ourselves in every aspect. 

We take this Medicine to help us integrally in our life and that ripples out into having more loving and joyful relationships.
Our relationships are the ones that bring joy to our heart and fill our soul.
They are the door to which we truly Experience and Practice Unconditional Love. 


If you are interested in coming for retreat with your loved one
(it does not have to be limited to romantic partnership, but can be mother-daughter/son, siblings, etc)
you will participate in a profound and integral program personalized for your needs in order to achieve profound and long-lasting healing as well as tools that you can use to harmonize your relationship. 

With the help of the Plant Medicine, you will be able to understand yourself deeply in both the material and spiritual planes. Additionally, you will be able to understand your partner as well.
This Medicine can help you cultivate unconditional love and heal any aspect of the relationship that needs healing. 

Watch the testimonials of other couples who have benefitted from Ancestral Knowledge Retreat together: 


Contact us to receive A plan and quote for a private retreat based on your needs and desires.

We are glad to help you in every step of the way to make this possible.