Recommendation from a Psychotherapist :

"There has been a very big resurgence in the research and use of psychedelics at reputable institutions like Johns Hopkins, to treat all kinds of illnesses of the mind and spirit, from intractable depression that doesn’t respond to medication, to addiction and PTSD. I have begun to be more involved in this research myself, as I am always open to new ways to help alleviate the suffering on this beautiful planet. Detail about criteria and study design can be found at They are currently only enrolling individuals who live within commuting distance of Baltimore, and may start enrolling people who live farther away later this year. The study flyer can be viewed at

In truth, you do not need to have any of those challenges to benefit from the time spent at the Ancestral Knowledge Reteat, which I will be attending for the 4th time in June. I know personally the indescribable healing that takes place when you attend a plant medicine retreat where the sacred plant medicine is taken in ritual, with intention, under the guidance of shamans who are heart-centered and wise. It is an experience that reaches to the depths of who you are, and the added benefit of attending this particular retreat is that you will join a real family, and do your healing in Paradise. No clinical trials." 
-Written by an AKR participant, Kathleen Hanagan