We are one...help us in this vision

Our ancestors had important information and wisdom on how to be in harmony within themselves and everything around them. They recognized the power of all things and had a sacred relationship with everything. This is the time to retake this knowledge and come back into balance; to live our life in a sacred manner. 

In the Ancestral Knowledge Retreat we return to ancient knowledge and Plants of Power and humbly open ourselves to receive instruction, clarity and healing for our life. We have experienced numerous retreats where huge shifts have happened and people's lives have been changed for the better. We want to make this opportunity available to more people and we need your help. 

We have created a special fund where we receive money to aid those with financial difficulties who want to attend this retreat. All money in this fund goes 100% to these people who could not otherwise have this experience. 

We are asking for donations in order to fund at least ONE person to attend the retreat. Every amount makes a difference and every penny goes toward helping someone. We will share who the funds go to and well as share their experience before, during and after the retreat. 

We are all one. By helping each other, we help ourselves. 
Thank you for your generosity and selfless prayers for other's healing and wellbeing.