AKR participants express after retreat:

"I’m back in my life— and definitely feeling renewed and restored. And most importantly in a place of gratitude for all those people in my life that I love and who love me. However, I can’t help feeling a ~longing~ for what we had together. What we co-created with our Ancestral Retreat leaders was a loving, caring, and open-minded vibrational community. Each one of us was so uniquely different from one another and yet we were so similar in what we were seeking. We were connected in a way that I’m sure I’ve never experienced with that many people at one time. It was really beautiful and the memories and discussions and your faces will stay with me forever."


"It was a moment in time. I have never in my travels found, so quickly, a deep feeling of love and caring with basically a bunch of strangers. 

I think it says a lot for who we are as individuals, we were all seeking something. And, the wonderful family group that brought us all together. And, the place, is very special place.

I have come back to reality, life moves on, news of the day keeps coming. I want to go back, back to the anticipation of being up all night in my own little world, watching the stars and visions, the occasional clowns, surrounded by my family. Feeling the release as I was cleansed around the fire, the hands of Taita Tulio pressing into my gut, clearing the energy. Alex cleansing my body with the cool liquid, and the singing. Then sweating it out in Inipi, in the mud, hot, my back hurting, only to be reborn and diving into the beautiful ocean. Followed by breakfast then the sleep like a child. 

I will always carry that memory with me, the place, the people, the energy and know it can never be recreated nor should it. But, it's with me...remember it, treasure it. Other moments will surely come along."