Ayuhuasca: Yagé es Amor

Written by one of our retreat participants October 2017: 

Yagé es amor.

Plant medicine. The medicine of medicines. Medicine for healing the soul. Unfiltered/Raw. Personally prepared and brought from the Colombian Amazon by ‘Taita’ Tulio (of the Kofan people). Don Tulio has lived in that jungle his entire life. So has his family ... for generations.

To get here, Krista and I joined 20+ people. Took 3 planes. A 2 hour bus ride. A 1 hour open air/motor boat ride (each person putting their luggage in extra large plastic garbage bags so as not to get them wet from spray) to the Northeast Coast (Atlantic side) of Colombia. The only South American country that touches 2 oceans. With delays, 24+ hour trek.

Deep Colombian forest. Every night alive/loud with forest animal noises.. Bright, full then waning moon. The environment is a part of the medicine.

Between 9-10pm the all-night ceremony begins. 3 nights in a row. One night off. 2 more nights on. Total 5 ceremonies. Taita, Alex, Cesar y Emilio, respectively, chant, play flute, play harmonica, tend the fire. The medicine is working. The rooster crows. We gather for morning blessing. Superb translations by Founder Patricia and daughter Laura. Then the 1+ hour Inipi (sweat lodge) at sunrise each morning. Smoking the Chanupa (tobacco pipe). Immediately followed by the 60 yard dash to the tropical Atlantic to rinse off and swim for 30 minutes. Breakfast. Marvelous MARVELOUS sleep.

Yagé es amor.

Plant medicine. The medicine of medicines. Medicine for healing the soul. The only compound I have ever come across truly deserving the title MEDICINE. Why? Because it has the power/ability to heal the individual, greater humanity and therefore the planet.

I have seen so much. I have felt so much. I have connected so much.

Exhausting. Exhilarating. Transformation. Integration. Freedom.

Yagé es amor.

There is hope after all.

It is not a threat to whatever your belief system. In fact, it enhances/supports it.

Fear does not allow us to see Peace. Gratitude. Forgiveness. Pure love. Fear blocks healing/blessings.

What would happen if your deepest darkest fears/anxieties were healed? If they went away, FOREVER?

Who would you be?

Yagé es amor.

-E. David
6-16 October 2017
Viento Solar Ecolodge, bahía Playa Larga, Rio Cedro, Moñitos, Córdoba
(Colombia, S.A.)

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