3 Things about Ayahuasca / Yage that you have NOT been told:


1. You don’t have to be prepared to drink it:

On the preparation that one needs to drink this magic plant, much has been said: "you have to fast for a certain time", "you should not eat meat", "or you have to wear white ", etc etc. However, after knowing the ancient ways of the Cofan people, custodians of this sacred plant in the Amazon, and directly asking the elders (shamans) how is the best way for one to be ready, they answered: "Yage or Ayahuasca is unconditional, it does not demand anything from You, but it is good to come to this power with respect, humility, tranquility and joy; and It will give you exactly what you need to be better. We prefer to eat enough to be strong and able to sustain its power better, but the most important thing is that you feel sincerely comfortable and as confident as possible to receive this sacrament of the jungle.”

2. Everything that Ayahuasca / Yage shows you is not exactly true:

Many people get confused because this medicine shows them ugly things and they come to believe that they are the answers for their life. For example: if you see a loved one dying, or an accident, etc., it is common to hear people manifesting these visions as answers to their lives; but we want to tell you a little about the nature of this sacred plant:  It purges you: when we drink it, the spirit of Yage / Ayahuasca prepares your whole being to give you exactly what you need. In order to do so, it does a kind of cleansing or purges everything you no longer need within you. Therefore, you may experience vomiting, diarrhea, other times crying, among other possibilities. Likewise, It takes out of your mind what you do not need, thus it is normal to see fears, dense memories, sad experiences, etc., which are not exactly the answers, but a relentless way that the yage / ayahuasca has to transmute everything that does not let you be well, and after all of this comes the calm and true answers.

3. How to identify a true answer from yage / ayahuasca?

Sometimes we have heard some people say to others: "Ayahuasca told me to tell you…." but what the yage/ayahuasca needs to tell you, it does it direct and does not need intermediaries. You identify Its answers for you because they are completely clear , you have no doubts and you experience peace.

How Plant Medicine Changed my Life


10 years ago, I made a decision that changed my life. I was feeling stuck in my life, under a lot of stress being the sole financial provider for my family, and the consequences were showing up physically…I was constantly getting sick and even got to the point of being bed ridden for a few days without being able to move. I knew something had to change but I didn’t know how that was possible and financial circumstances made me feel that I could not make any other moves out of fear that it simply would not work out. 

After some time of feeling like a change must be made, my body making clear signals to me and a nudging feeling inside that there must be more, I made the decision to gift myself a retreat with plant medicine. That decision was difficult because honestly, I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it, and I still had the same financial responsibilities as the main income provider in our family. But I knew I had to do it, I felt excitement and like something big was there for me….I was listening to my heart. 

Little did I know, this journey would forever change my life. What I experienced at this retreat was nothing short of a miracle and I was able to connect with the fountain of love and absolute clarity that has the universe in movement, I made peace with people in my life who had hurt me or I whom I had hurt and received a clear horizon on which path to take next in my life. 

That was only the beginning, I returned home a new woman. Most people who saw me said that I looked 15 years younger, they asked me what did I do?! It was simply that being cleared of so much stress and emotional baggage and truly being connected with my soul was radiating through me. It was my authentic self that was now shining through and it felt amazing.

I continued following my heart and knew I had to change careers. I had been a systems engineer for over 20 years, so the change was scary, but there was something in me that knew that I was in the right path.

After seeking out a few career options in holistic medicine that interested me, I fully decided on Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. It was a fascinating field that inspired me profoundly, as it still does to this day. 

So I quit my job and enrolled full time as a student, with complete uncertainty at what was going to happen but with the absolute feeling that I was in the right direction, that I was supported by the universe. 

Little did I know, now 10 years later, my life is completely different. I am now a licensed acupuncturist and have my own practice in Bethesda, Maryland. I have fulfilled my other vision and dream of becoming a bridge between people and the powerful plant medicines of the jungle that have changed my life, and have begun to help organize healing retreats like the one I attended that changed my life. 

It was after crossing many fears, doubts and uncertainty, tirelessly following my heart, trusting the process and listening vividly to the guidance from Spirit, that Ancestral Knowledge Retreat was born. Where some of the post powerful altars, ancient practices and plant medicines come together to create a deep transformation...to connect you with your soul, your purpose and to clear the path to create the life of your dreams. 

I know from first hand experience the heaviness of living a life that does not excite you. I know how scary it can be to leave the net of security that can trap us so easily making us believe that we cannot change, we cannot do it, because mentally, or rationally, it does not make sense. However, I am also a witness that when you make a sincere call from the heart, the whole universe listens and supports you. The paths open; and truly, magic happens. 

I want to tell you that if you are at the place where I was 10 years ago, it is not too late to change, it is never to late to live the life that you dream of, and to look forward to waking up in the morning and walk the path that you have consciously chosen to walk on this earth.

If this experience interests you, reach out to us and we can give you further information and together we can see if this experience is right for you. 

Thank you for your time, connection and I wish all the blessings for you.

Moon-time Teachings

Beautiful insights on women's sacred moon-time, beneficial for both men and women to read: 

"Moon-time Teachings

The Elder was asked to share teachings about the traditional views womanhood, specifically about ‘Moon-time’. She began her talk by thanking the people of the land and those who invited her. Next, she said a prayer mixed in both English and her traditional language. She finished by thanking everyone who came to hear her speak. She began, ‘speaking about womanhood and Moon-time is an important topic. It is important for both men and women to learn about our traditional teachings on women and I am grateful to see both, present in the audience today. For some, this topic will be new information; for others, it will be a review. In any case, my hope is to inspire you to get curious. My hope is that, after listening to what I have to share, you want to learn more about your nation’s specific teachings on womanhood. What you will discover is that your ancestral teachings on the celebration of women are simply beautiful. In the meantime, I humbly share just a few teachings with you and thank you for having an open heart and mind as I do.

Our ancestral ceremonies included pre-teen girls going through rites of passage; where they were given teachings on womanhood. For example, there would be a great celebration in the community when a girl was nearing her Moon-time or menses, or what some might call, ‘having a period’. The reason it is called Moon-time is that a woman’s body is connected to Grandmother Moon. As much as the moon is connected to Mother Earth’s ocean tides, it is also connected to a monthly cycle of a woman. There are teachings about the 13 Sacred Moons, and they are simply beautiful; I absolutely encourage you to learn about this teaching. For now, the important thing to understand is this is why we call it Moon-time. During life-giving years, Moon-time marks a miraculous monthly process occurs and this time is held in the highest regard. For us, Moon-time is a time of ceremony; and as such, there is absolutely no shame associated it. Sadly, views have changed so much that I’ve heard Moon-time being called ‘curse’ or other such derogatory slang words. It saddens me because nothing can be further from the truth. I believe truths are exposed as more information is obtained. For example, I heard that some people have been told that women do not take part in ceremonies when on their Moon-time, but only brief explanations are given. As a result, people fill in missing information with interpretations of the worldviews around them. Sadly, over time many have been taught that when a woman has her ‘period’, she unclean; thus, shame and secrecy have also become associated with this time of the month. I have been told that this is the assumption as to why a woman steps back during ceremonies. This is simply not the case. Our ancestral teachings tell us that Creator blessed women or ‘Lifegivers,’ with the sacred ability to give life. It is through a woman life-giving abilities that humankind prospers. For it is true, without women's ability to carry a child within her, no person on earth would exist today. Part of being a Lifegiver is undergoing a monthly personal ceremony, which we call Moon-time.

Moon-time is when a women’s body demonstrates its sacred ability to nurture life. This process includes the woman’s uterus walls thickening so it can prepare to carry a baby. However, as we know, a woman doesn’t become pregnant every month so her body found ways to naturally purifies itself. This means that on a monthly basis, a woman has a natural and spiritual purification ceremony. The lining that prepared for a baby becomes releases through blood, at the same time, the body mimics the process of giving birth; thus pain occurs. The body undergoes physical changes, essentially rebuilding its self. Additionally, for a short time, hormones that were preparing for the nurturing of a baby also become imbalanced. In a way, a woman’s hormones send her messages associated with feelings of loss. Though the woman may not be aware of it, in a sense, a woman is physically and emotionally connecting with the fact that she must ‘try again’ next month. The strength and endurance a woman goes monthly, really tells us how truly powerful women are. Women possess the natural ability to rebalance their entire being through a powerful internal purification ceremony. In other words, a woman can internally cleanse away emotions and thoughts that detract her from walking in balance, because she possesses the sacred ability to realign her energies. When you really think about it, what a women’s body goes through during her Moon-time is a profound and utter demonstration of the love of humankind because she is truly honouring her life-giving qualities. A man does not have the ability of internal cleaning because he does not possess the ability to carry a child within him. Therefore, in ceremonies when men are present, a woman demonstrates great compassion for men by stepping back. A woman also steps back in high regard and great respect for her time of personal power. She is undergoing a powerfully spiritual external personal purification ceremony. She is so powerful during this time of the month that the medicines are naturally drawn to her. For it is true, Mother Earth is also a Lifegiver; and the connection between her and women is so powerful that they are naturally drawn to one another. For Mother Earth understands a natural cleansing period as well; she demonstrates through the change of seasons. As the sacred medicines are naturally drawn to the woman, the purification properties are not as strong as a man might need to be able to purify their energies. As I said, a woman’s compassion for men is so great that they step back from participating in a ceremony during their Moon-time.

Still, this not to say that a woman does not participate in ceremonies during her Moon-time; no, quite the opposite is actually is true. In traditional times, during a woman’s Moon-time, the respect for women was so great that there was no other burden was placed upon her at that time. During monthly moon-lodges, women were encouraged to nurture themselves holistically. Women ceremonies honoured the cleansing time of the body, and also assisted to balance hormones. For example, our Ancestors knew that during Moon-time, the mind (brain) becomes influenced by a sense of ‘loss’. As a result, both serotonin (‘feel-good’ chemical in a person’s brain) and sugar (insulin) levels were being impacted. Our Ancestors knew the power of intermitting fasting for rebalancing thoughts and emotions. They also knew that breaking fasts with fruit naturally restore a body’s sugar levels; thus, today, we see sweet berries associated with women ceremonies. We also break our fast with buffalo broth because of the deficiency of certain alkaline levels in our bodies. Our Ancestors were naturally gifted with knowledge of the body’s chemistry, and a person’s emotional and mental states. Thus, daily lifestyles were based on holistic principles and spirituality was a simply a way of life. Therefore, we lived a balanced lifestyle where we were nurtured physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Today, we can learn more these holistic life views through the Medicine Wheel teachings. I encourage you to learn more about that the teaching of the Medicine Wheel; they have the potential to profoundly impact your life. For now, my hope was to provide you with enough teachings to make you curious about learning more about Moon-time ceremonies. Most of all I hope that I encourage you to learn about the traditional views of women. We must return to our traditional views in order that our culture endures. Our teachings were oral; and to a large extent, still are; however, if there is one thing about our people is that we are resilient because we adapt. We are sharing information with today’s technology and I am so happy for that. Still, there is nothing like learning traditional teachings from your nation’s healthy Elders - most especially the ones that follow our traditional ways. The Elder’s are waiting for you; they know it is time to hand the torch over to the next generation. They want to teach you about ceremonies, and they want to tell you about our ancestral teachings. They want our culture to thrive. I encourage you to go and learn. In the meantime, I thank you for your kind attention."

Kākithaw niwākomākanak (All My Relations),
Kihci Têpakohp Iskotêw Iskwêw (Emily Jane Henry) 
Original Home Territory: Ochapowace Cree First Nation

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Recommendation from a Psychotherapist :

"There has been a very big resurgence in the research and use of psychedelics at reputable institutions like Johns Hopkins, to treat all kinds of illnesses of the mind and spirit, from intractable depression that doesn’t respond to medication, to addiction and PTSD. I have begun to be more involved in this research myself, as I am always open to new ways to help alleviate the suffering on this beautiful planet. Detail about criteria and study design can be found at Clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03181529. They are currently only enrolling individuals who live within commuting distance of Baltimore, and may start enrolling people who live farther away later this year. The study flyer can be viewed at hopkinsdepressionstudy.com.

In truth, you do not need to have any of those challenges to benefit from the time spent at the Ancestral Knowledge Reteat, which I will be attending for the 4th time in June. I know personally the indescribable healing that takes place when you attend a plant medicine retreat where the sacred plant medicine is taken in ritual, with intention, under the guidance of shamans who are heart-centered and wise. It is an experience that reaches to the depths of who you are, and the added benefit of attending this particular retreat is that you will join a real family, and do your healing in Paradise. No clinical trials." 
-Written by an AKR participant, Kathleen Hanagan

Therapeutic Complements to Plant Medicine

Besides the work with the Plant Medicine and the Inipi Sweatlodge, we take advantage of other Ancient Therapeutic Practices for Health and Wellbeing, such as: Yoga, Acupuncture, Meditation and Sound Healing. Watch this video to get a feel for this amazing complement to the Plant Medicine, where we nurture Body, Mind and Spirit. 

December Retreat 2017- Mountains of Hope Retreat and Wellness Center outside of Medellin. 

“ ‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.” —Alice Walker

THANK YOU to all of YOU, yes, every. single. one. of you, for all that you are, everything you carry inside. We are all on a journey of Love and that is the final destination. There is no way to get lost. 

We hope you all enjoy this Holiday Season with that Truth in mind (or better phrased in Heart) and feel peace and gratitude of every aspect of this sacred human life. 

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. For All of my Relations. 

AKR participants express after retreat:

"I’m back in my life— and definitely feeling renewed and restored. And most importantly in a place of gratitude for all those people in my life that I love and who love me. However, I can’t help feeling a ~longing~ for what we had together. What we co-created with our Ancestral Retreat leaders was a loving, caring, and open-minded vibrational community. Each one of us was so uniquely different from one another and yet we were so similar in what we were seeking. We were connected in a way that I’m sure I’ve never experienced with that many people at one time. It was really beautiful and the memories and discussions and your faces will stay with me forever."


"It was a moment in time. I have never in my travels found, so quickly, a deep feeling of love and caring with basically a bunch of strangers. 

I think it says a lot for who we are as individuals, we were all seeking something. And, the wonderful family group that brought us all together. And, the place, is very special place.

I have come back to reality, life moves on, news of the day keeps coming. I want to go back, back to the anticipation of being up all night in my own little world, watching the stars and visions, the occasional clowns, surrounded by my family. Feeling the release as I was cleansed around the fire, the hands of Taita Tulio pressing into my gut, clearing the energy. Alex cleansing my body with the cool liquid, and the singing. Then sweating it out in Inipi, in the mud, hot, my back hurting, only to be reborn and diving into the beautiful ocean. Followed by breakfast then the sleep like a child. 

I will always carry that memory with me, the place, the people, the energy and know it can never be recreated nor should it. But, it's with me...remember it, treasure it. Other moments will surely come along."

Ayuhuasca: Yagé es Amor

Written by one of our retreat participants October 2017: 

Yagé es amor.

Plant medicine. The medicine of medicines. Medicine for healing the soul. Unfiltered/Raw. Personally prepared and brought from the Colombian Amazon by ‘Taita’ Tulio (of the Kofan people). Don Tulio has lived in that jungle his entire life. So has his family ... for generations.

To get here, Krista and I joined 20+ people. Took 3 planes. A 2 hour bus ride. A 1 hour open air/motor boat ride (each person putting their luggage in extra large plastic garbage bags so as not to get them wet from spray) to the Northeast Coast (Atlantic side) of Colombia. The only South American country that touches 2 oceans. With delays, 24+ hour trek.

Deep Colombian forest. Every night alive/loud with forest animal noises.. Bright, full then waning moon. The environment is a part of the medicine.

Between 9-10pm the all-night ceremony begins. 3 nights in a row. One night off. 2 more nights on. Total 5 ceremonies. Taita, Alex, Cesar y Emilio, respectively, chant, play flute, play harmonica, tend the fire. The medicine is working. The rooster crows. We gather for morning blessing. Superb translations by Founder Patricia and daughter Laura. Then the 1+ hour Inipi (sweat lodge) at sunrise each morning. Smoking the Chanupa (tobacco pipe). Immediately followed by the 60 yard dash to the tropical Atlantic to rinse off and swim for 30 minutes. Breakfast. Marvelous MARVELOUS sleep.

Yagé es amor.

Plant medicine. The medicine of medicines. Medicine for healing the soul. The only compound I have ever come across truly deserving the title MEDICINE. Why? Because it has the power/ability to heal the individual, greater humanity and therefore the planet.

I have seen so much. I have felt so much. I have connected so much.

Exhausting. Exhilarating. Transformation. Integration. Freedom.

Yagé es amor.

There is hope after all.

It is not a threat to whatever your belief system. In fact, it enhances/supports it.

Fear does not allow us to see Peace. Gratitude. Forgiveness. Pure love. Fear blocks healing/blessings.

What would happen if your deepest darkest fears/anxieties were healed? If they went away, FOREVER?

Who would you be?

Yagé es amor.

-E. David
6-16 October 2017
Viento Solar Ecolodge, bahía Playa Larga, Rio Cedro, Moñitos, Córdoba
(Colombia, S.A.)

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 9.05.13 AM.png

We are one...help us in this vision

Our ancestors had important information and wisdom on how to be in harmony within themselves and everything around them. They recognized the power of all things and had a sacred relationship with everything. This is the time to retake this knowledge and come back into balance; to live our life in a sacred manner. 

In the Ancestral Knowledge Retreat we return to ancient knowledge and Plants of Power and humbly open ourselves to receive instruction, clarity and healing for our life. We have experienced numerous retreats where huge shifts have happened and people's lives have been changed for the better. We want to make this opportunity available to more people and we need your help. 

We have created a special fund where we receive money to aid those with financial difficulties who want to attend this retreat. All money in this fund goes 100% to these people who could not otherwise have this experience. 

We are asking for donations in order to fund at least ONE person to attend the retreat. Every amount makes a difference and every penny goes toward helping someone. We will share who the funds go to and well as share their experience before, during and after the retreat. 

We are all one. By helping each other, we help ourselves. 
Thank you for your generosity and selfless prayers for other's healing and wellbeing. 


Let's read this and let it sink in...


We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour

Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour

And there are things to be considered.

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in the right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

Here is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift that there are those

Who will be afraid, who will try

To hold on to the shore.

They are being torn apart and

Will suffer greatly.

Know that the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore.

Push off into the middle of the river,

And keep our heads above water.

And I say see who is there with you

And celebrate.

At this time in history,

We are to take nothing personally,

Least of all ourselves,

For the moment we do,

Our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over.

Gather yourselves.

Banish the word struggle from our attitude

And vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done

In a sacred manner and in celebration.

For we are the ones we have been waiting for.

- Hopi Nation Elders