Alex and Laura have now opened the door for 1:1 sessions available in person or through Zoom/Facetime.


Our mind contains thought, generator of energy that resonates throughout the body and expands throughout the universe.  All the discomfort and suffering are the result of a mind that has been taken out of its natural rhythm; therefore these therapies are designed so that your thinking, naturally and effortlessly, but if with purpose, always returns to the line of peace and  sanity that is a genuine part of our being.



We are in a beautiful time for humanity that is also very demanding and requires grounding and clarity. Becoming a parent is a beautiful celebration of life and love that can also bring many challenges along the way. Through these sessions we help you understand the most elevated purpose of parenthood and how you can live this experience as a means of self realization and freedom, for you, your partner or coparent and the child. 

Additional Programs:

  • Transitioning to Mother/Fatherhood

  • Guidance for Step Mothers/Fathers

  • Parent education : How to Raise Awakened Children

  • Child Education: Discovering Your Path


Our relationships are our closest gateway to true evolution and and expansion of consciousness. They are the means through which we experience and become who we want to be. With proper understanding of the divine opportunity that it is to be in a loving partnership, you will be able to overcome obstacles and be able to receive the precious gift that comes from hardships.


Painting is a beautiful possibility of entering in communion with the most subtle presence of Spirit that experiences itself in all things. Ancestral Art captures a vision that keeps the memory alive of the most elevated intention for each person. This prayer is to invoke the Divine power, to be an instrument of Its love with every brushstroke, in every trace and in this way bring clarity, focus, love and peace to the materialization of this vision. 

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