Alex and Laura have now opened the door for 1:1 sessions available in person or through Zoom/Facetime.

Mental unblock therapy :

In the universe absolutely everything is well articulated and aligned with the great purpose of evolving towards Love and well-being.  Our mind is not the exception, but it has been influenced and manipulated by the fear of the world, reaching the point of getting us out of our natural rhythm until reach a lack of balance in our lives caused by the excessive waste of energy that happens when we do not have clarity.

What is Mental Unblock Therapy?

Our mind contains thought, generator of energy that resonates throughout the body and expands throughout the universe.  All the discomfort and suffering are the result of a mind that has been taken out of its natural rhythm; therefore these therapies are designed so that your thinking, naturally and effortlessly, but if with purpose, always returns to the line of peace and  sanity that is a genuine part of our being.

Cost: $160 for an hour long session
If you feel the call to do this work but financial circumstances stop you from doing so, contact us to see how we can support you.

To register for a private session please email:
or text Laura through WhatsApp at: +57 310-544-7761

Other services coming soon. Stay tuned!