Delight yourself with Mother Earth in an ecological walk, connect deeply with your body and spirit during Yoga classes & acupuncture, relax in a hammock and discover & enjoy many spaces outside and within yourself.

Although the main focus and transformational experience of this retreat is the work with the Plant Medicine as well as the Inipi (Sweatlodge), both very Ancient and Powerful ceremonies, we will also have abundant opportunities to join in yoga classes, meditations, massage, acupuncture, ecological walks and excursions. 




At each of our locations, we can delight in a variety of excursions to breathtaking spaces, fun activities and group bonding.


Yoga, Meditation, Massage, acupuncture

The connection with our body is extremely beneficial to help renovate us at every level. With these Ancient practices we will connect deeper into our body and receive profound relaxation and healing. 


Sound Healing

Relax deeply and let these harmonious waves of sound penetrate to align everything within your being. 



Men's and Women's Instruction Circle

One of the most cherished and enriching activities of this retreat: the opportunity for Men and Women to gather together, share knowledge and be instructed on Ancestral Wisdom to help us live a more Harmonious and more Peaceful life, with All of our Relations. 


Group gatherings and Sharing Sessions: 

You will be guided through your process at Ancestral Knowledge Retreat every step of the way, not only by the retreat leaders but also by the wisdom and clarity received when there is the opportunity to hear the other group members talk and share from their heart about their experience. During the retreat we have many opportunities for group meetings and gatherings, fire and singing circles, sharing talents, dancing, and more.